Beneficial Bacteria

Utilize Beneficial Bacteria for Treatment of:

Manure Lagoons

Municipal Waste Water

Soil Impovement

Fresh Water Ponds

Septic Systems

Other Products:

LPB200 - Designed for Fresh Water Ponds

LPB 200 will significantly reduce Sludge while suppressing algae and duckweed that can over grow your pond or lake.

Cleaner Water


Benefits of LPB 200:


• Sludge Reduction

• Ensure Rapid Biological Start-Up With Suppression Of Undesirable Algae And Duckweed. 

• Provide Competitive Organisms To Reduce Algae And Duckweed Activity.


Self-Dissolving Bacteria Packs

Biologically Accelerates Digestion of Bottom Muck and watershed Runoff

Reduces Algae Growth by Competitive Exclusion of Available Nutrients

Consumes Organic Wastes from Fish, Birds, Animals & Plants

Reduces Ammonia Levels & Improves Water Clarity


Shock Treatment - Once

20 to 40 packs Per Surface Acre 
Depending on severity of Organic Buildup 


Maintenance Treatment - Monthly

8 to 20 Packs per Surface Acre

Depending on Rainfall or Irrigation Practices 


Self-Dissolving ~ Just Toss Them In!

100% bacterial culture on cereal bran carrier with micronutrients and bio stimulants 

Total Bacterial Count: 5 Billion per gram

Form: Free Flowing Powder 

Color: Natural Brown

Packaging: 4 oz. Water Soluble Packs

PH : Neutral

Shelf Life: 2 Years

Store in Cool, Dry Place - Do Not Freeze

Dry Bacterial Concentrate

100 - 4 oz. Self-Dissolving Bacterial Packs 
Net Weight: 25 Ibs.