Beneficial Bacteria

Utilize Beneficial Bacteria for Treatment of:

Manure Lagoons

Municipal Waste Water

Soil Impovement

Fresh Water Ponds

Septic Systems

Other Products:

LGB 450 Designed for Municipal Waste Water Treatment

Bacterial Cultures

For Lift Stations And Grease Traps


 Bacterial Digestant For Wastewater Treatment

Charge system with 1lb. twice a week for a month.  Follow with a maintenance dosage of 1lb. per week thereafter.
(for flow rates up to 50,000 gpd)




Just Toss Them In!

Water soluble packs dissolve fast

Reduces hydrogen sulfide and other odors

Lowers TSS, BOD, & COD Levels

Less Physical Cleaning

Prevents Emergency Grease Blockages 

100% Bacterial Culture On Bran Carrier With Micronutrients And Bio stimulants

Store in Cool, Dry Place - Do not Freeze

Shelf Life: 2 years

Color: Natural (Tan)

Plate Count: 5 billion per gram

Wait A Minute, Isn't Most Bacteria Bad?

Contrary to what most people think, the complete opposite is true. Although a very small percent do cause disease in humans and animals, the vast majority is enormously beneficial. 

Why Are Bacteria Ideally Suited For High Grease Lift-Stations & Grease Traps?

Select strains of bacteria feed off of a wide range of fats, oils and greases.  Most of this bacteria can be found in your system only in small amounts. LGB 450 contains 5 billion of these bacteria per gram and when added to your system it dramatically boosts your numbers accelerating this natural degradation process without the use of harsh chemicals that can damage your system and potentially harm environment 

Specifically, What Will LGB 450 Do?

LGB 450 is an improved biological product, specifically formulated and packaged for use in lift stations, grease traps, and sewer lines. LGB 450 contains a specially formulated range of adapted high-performance microorganisms developed for use in the biological wastewater treatment of greases, fats and oils. As well as microorganisms, LGB 450 contains surface tension depressants and penetrants which loosen and liquefy heavy grease deposits, thereby assisting in their biodegradation. When used as directed LGB 450 is safe. It is harmless to people, clothing and the environment and is completely biodegradable.


Benefits Of LGB 450: 

· Reduces Formation of Bad Odors

· Lowers TSS, BOD, COD Levels

· Less Physical Cleaning

· Prevents Emergency Grease Blockages

· Water-soluble Pouches Dissolve Fast

· Improves Overall Quality