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Bio Kleen 12 - Septic Systems

It’s easy to protect your septic system and keep it operating smoothly by simply using Bio Kleen 12.

How Does Your Septic System Function?



Webster's dictionary defines the septic tank as "A tank in which waste matter is decomposed through bacterial action:' 

Why are bacteria ideally suited for waste treatment? Bacteria are nature's recyclers. Since the beginning of time, microscopic bacteria have been quietly recycling all organic material here on earth. Without them, we'd literally be swimming in the wastes and remains of all plant and animal life that came before us. 

How Does Bio Kleen 12 Bacteria Degrade Waste?

Bacteria are microscopic living organisms. Although often confused with yeast, bacteria are quite different and much more complex. Bacteria break down or degrade waste through simple digestion. The basic by-products of this process are water and harmless carbon dioxide gas. Bacteria also produce their own enzymes which act as a catalyst to speed digestion. The bacteria attach themselves to solid particles, secrete these enzymes and start to eat. 

Apply by dropping water soluble pouch directly into the toilet. Pouches will dissolve almost instantly in water, releasing the enclosed bacteria. Flush to distribute into the system. Alternating the application from toilets to sinks and floor drains will also aid in cleaning and preventing organic buildup problems on pipe walls, traps and sewer lines. Flush down with enough water so that the pack dissolves and all of the product has entered the drain. Bio Kleen 12 must be added on a regular basis to treat the influx of new organic waste. Best results are obtained by applying just before and immediately after periods of heavy use.